Waterborne Writers: Maiden Voyage

I propose a trip to Cane Bayou, which forms the eastern boundary of Fontainebleau State Park on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. The bayou passes through woods and marsh on its way to the lake. It is about 70 miles from Baton Rouge.

Sunday, November 7 is the tenth day on the ten-day forecast at this point, and is predicted to be clear, with a high of 76 and a 0% chance of rain.

I have three kayaks, one of which can carry two paddlers. So four of us could leave Sunday around 1pm, hit the water by 2:30, easily paddle to the lake and back by 4:30, and get back to Baton Rouge around 6. We can all fit in my car. First come, first served--I'll take the first three members of Red Stick Writers to commit definitively to the trip. You may contact me by posting a comment here, messaging me on Facebook, or emailing me at awoodw@lycos.com. Of course, any Red Stick Writer with his/her own boat and transportation should join us!

The purpose of the trip is not to catch fish or shoot squirrels, but to get writers out in Louisiana's loverly wilderness. How the expedition affects the writer is up to the writer.

Disclaimers and such: The kayaks are easy to paddle, but it helps to have at least a little experience paddling canoes or kayaks. Cane Bayou has no current, but of course Lake Pontchartrain may have waves and so everyone must be careful. I would prefer not to take people who cannot swim. In the event of accident/misfortune, please hold me, one another, and Red Stick Writers blameless. The capacity of my two-person kayak is 300 pounds, and the capacity of my one-person kayak is 250 pounds; those capacities may play a role in determining who goes on the trip and who uses which boat.

The Way Forward

The Word Storm reading was a success. Let's hope it was only the first of many such events for Red Stick Writers. All of the writers who participated made new connections and learned something about the literary state of affairs in Baton Rouge.

On the horizon:
  • Waterborne Writers, a program that gets Red Stick Writers out on area waters, where they may be informed and/or inspired. The program may lead to Word-Storm-style events (howzabout "Oil & Water: Red Stick Writers on Louisiana's Waterways"?) and/or even an anthology. Details forthcoming.
  • Writers' groups: Red Stick Writers is made up of writers of all ages, genres, backgrounds, expertises, etc. Shouldn't small groups of us get together once a month or so to critique one another's work and/or offer encouragement and/or share news and advice about opportunities to publish? Details forthcoming.
  • Forepersons: An organization like Red Stick Writers needs volunteers who are willing to take charge of certain operations. Couldn't we use a Supervisor of Publicity? A Regional Manager of Graphics? A Photographer General? Film at eleven.